Current Class Prices

1 hour Private Lesson catered specifically to you - $60  (held in Newcastle or via Skype)

Scene coaching with 2 people - $70 per hour ($35 pp) - Held in Newcastle

How and What I Teach

We all have our own way of learning and techniques that work for us as individuals. I design lessons around what works for you as an individual. So we can find what works for you and hone your skills.

We work on monologues and scene study. Depending on where you are at I will cater lessons to you, from basic camera performance and technique for beginners (e.g eye line, camera angles) Through to Voice, connecting and Emotional presence etc for the more advance... I don't tend to focus on one technique as I think we need a vary of techniques in our tool box but pull a fair bit from Misner and Chubbuck techniques.

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a working actor we all need to keep our skills up to scratch. 

Where I Teach

In person screen acting lessons in Newcastle, NSW

Video call lessons available anywhere in the world. Great for learning about self taping and screen presence.

For More Information

Email: emma.monk [at]

Phone/Text: 0423249126

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