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Let’s see... I love ice-cream, sweet potato, avocado and Russ Troll Dolls.

I’m an Australian born Actress/Dancer who likes to try her hand in the whole creative process of film from writing, producing, directing all the way to editing. I love to use the medium of Film and T.V to tell the untold stories or educate society on social issues.
I am part of the LGBTQIA+ community and I love being part of it. I would love to be able to bring to life more stories around this subject.
Other subjects that are close to my heart are mental health, domestic violence and sexual abuse. I have finally found my voice and I would like to use it to bring these issues to the for front. “I aspire to inspire before I expire”

Time for a change of speed I also love comedy Kate Mackinnion mixed with Rebel Wilson is like my spirit animal. I play an awesome quirky, oh and nerdy, oh and super positive, oh and if your after a best friend with the best facial expressions that’s me. I truly do believe you have to find the humour even in the worst of things, because laughing is so much better then crying... Cue my uncoordinated dancing to make you smile. :)

Oh I almost forgot you probably want to know about my experience well I started acting when I was 21 (I know some of you will say I’m a little late to the game) I study at Screenwise in Australia. Then I was lucky (and also somewhat talented) enough to get a scholarship to TVi Studios in the USA. From there I studied Sketch Comedy at The Upright Citizens Brigade and Improvisation at Groundlings.
I’ve been lucky (and tenacious) enough to work in Australia, New Zealand, America and even in Bollywood movies. Anyway I don’t want to ramble on so you can check out my resume if you want to know more.

If I don’t already know you I hope I meet or hear from you soon.

Have a fantastic day!

Emma xoxo

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