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Height: 5"2   |   Eye Colour: Blue   |   Hair Colour: Red - Copper

As an Australian born Actor, I am passionate about the whole creative process of film, from writing and producing to directing and editing. I believe that film and TV are powerful mediums that can be used to tell untold stories and educate society on social issues. My ultimate goal is to inspire before I expire.


2020 - Music Video - Love interest - Before I Let You Go - Jason Owen New Heights Media, Kerryn Williams


2020 - Video - Emma  Absolut Love Letters Ampel, Cloudy Rhodes


2020 - Commercial - Yoga Mum KFC Ogilvy X, Graeme Burfoot 


2020 - Television - Rainbow Rai Flower Fibi and Friends Flower Fibi Productions, Tina A Wake

2020 - Corporate - Vikki - CW2 RESTRAINTS Altura Learning, Scott Xavier Higgins

2020 - Music Video - Lead Woman - Pull Us Through - Lunar Umbra Treharne Productions, Mitchell Treharne


2019 - Corporate - Julia - CW1 FALLS: BALANCING RISK Altura Learning, Amy Carley

2019 - Commercial - Swimmer T.A.B - Long May We Play,  Bruce Hunt

2019 - Corporate - Ruth - CW3  BULLYING IN THE WORKPLACE Altura Learning, Amy Carley

2019 - Corporate - Jenny CW2  DOCUMENTING IN A CARE ENVIRONMENT Altura Learning, Amy Carley

2019 - Theatre - Judy How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse Dark Stories, David Prickett


2019 - Theatre - Felicity Female of the Species Dark Stories, David Prickett

2019 - Short Film - Elise DIPTYCH Newcastle Communications,  Oliver Lewis and Lachlan Kramer


2019 - Short Film - Angie RUBY Newcastle Communications, Zac Stoltenberg

2019 - Stage Show - Dougie The Dinomights Stacey Tierney


2019 - Stage Show - Jingles The Rockin' Elfy's Stacey Tierney


2018 - Web Series - Annabelle Love Ya. Not So Much! TrueBeam, Julia Nulbuch

2018 - Feature Film -  Courtney Brutally Honest Love Brutally Honest Productions, Mark Nunnari

2018 - Feature Film - Margo Tough Love Big Movie Company, Brad Diebert


2017 - Television - Kristen Catfish: The Untold Stories Catfish Picture Company

2017 - Television - Deborah Fream Corrupt Crimes Bellum Entertainment, Matt Fisher

2017 - Feature Film - Sarah The Demonic Dead Performers House USA, Rick Vargas


2016 - Feature Film - Reporter The Colour of Darkness GK Makwana Films, Girish Makwana


2016 -Short Film - Stephanie Greaton Warriors Truebeam, Shannon Waters


2016 -Short Film - Young Lady Lets See How Fast This Baby Can Go RKPix, Julietta Boscolo

2016 - Stage Show - Pirate Ted The Jolly Pirates  Stacy Tierney


2015 -Short Film - Marlow #Zombie 7 Heads Productions, Alex Winner

2016 - Television - Cassie Starting From... Now Common Language Films, Julie Kalceff


2015 - Stage Show - Presenter/Singer/Dancer The Little Scallywagz Stacy Tierney


2014 -Short Film - Jenny BUSTED LAVA communications, Steven Hirst


2014 - Stage Show - Wags, Dorothy, Fairy Claire Dorothy the Dinosaur Show The Wiggles


Diploma of screen acting and presenting Screenwise


Audition Technique Ben Matthews


Actors Lab - Practical Aesthetics Nadia Townsend


Chubbuck Anthony Wong


Scene Study/Audition technique Cinzia Coassin


Scene Study Bec Watene


Sketch Comedy Upright Citizens Brigade (LA)


Sketch Comedy / Improv Groundlings


Acting Conservatory Tvi Studios (LA)


Extensive Dance Training - Jazz, Tap, Hip-hop, Pointe, Ballet, Contemporary Australian Dance and Talent Centre

In addition to my acting abilities, I am an aerial silks artist. I also have experience in writing, producing, directing, and editing. I am comfortable working both on stage and in front of the camera, and I am proficient in various accents and dialects.

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